St. Winefride’s Catholic Primary School Church Road, Manor Park
London E12 6HB

T: 020 8478 0510
F: 020 8470 1937


“We celebrate God's love for everyone.

We enjoy learning and growing together, in our caring and welcoming family.”

Jesus said,
"Let the children come to me."

Class Based Staff
Reception Classes: Victoria Whitehorn Shella Popat Theresa Morris
  Esther Rougier Julie Starling  
Class 1D: Natasha Da Costa Teresa De Souza  
Class 1/2H: Ines Husemann Homera Ansari Akousa Agyemang
Class 2B: Antwan Brown Faz Temasfieldt Fortunata Muhesi
Class 3G: Andrea Grima Shahina Bhana  
Class 3/4P: Johnny Porritt Helen Pree Fiza Haider
  Cherriane Thomas    
Class 4H: Samad Hussain Ruthann Webb Lisa Rudaj
  Cassandra Francis    
Class 5F: Patrick Fox Maureen Dunn Emelda Thanaraj
Class 5/6M: Éanna McAteer Meena Patel Rubina Khanom
Class 6M: Ron Harris Andrew Awatefe Rubina Khanom
PPA Cover: Fiza Haider Energise Education West Ham United


Areas of Responsibility
Paul Underwood Assessment, DSL, Music, History, MFL
Nicola Brosnan Teaching and Learning, AFL, Maths, CPD, DSL
Dave Savin Health and Safety, Ed Visits, Data Protection/GDPR, Well-Being, Absence
Sheila Britton SEND, Refugee, G&T, RWI, DSL
Emma Rogan Literacy, EAL, DSL
Victoria Whitehorn EYFS Manager
Ines Husemann RE, PSHE
Andrea Grima Geography, Art
Ron Harris D&T, Science, Transition
Éanna McAteer Computing, Online safety
Antwan Brown PE
Rubina Khanom School Council