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“We celebrate God's love for everyone.

We enjoy learning and growing together, in our caring and welcoming family.”

Jesus said,
"Let the children come to me."


PE, Sport and physical activity play a vital role in the lives of the children at St Winefride’s. All the children from Year 1 and up, have two, one hour long sessions of P.E. set into the timetable by the Head teacher who is fully behind the delivery of a fully resourced and closely assessed PE curriculum.
We do not focus simply on competitive team sports, although we are very proud of our achievements in these areas, but on finding a variety of different activities for the children to engage in.

Here at St Winefride’s we believe that, given opportunities to take part in a range of high quality PE activities, children will develop the life skills of team-work, resilience, meeting challenges and setting high aspirations for themselves.

We are continuing to develop our links with other schools through inter-schools sports competitions, especially by organising multi-school competitions across all year groups with local schools within the Manor Park area. These links are further developed through our partnership with Langdon Academy.

We provide numerous after school clubs at St Winefride’s including mixed football, basketball, karate and dance. We also hold before school sports clubs which include boys football, girls football, handball, tag rugby, cricket, cheerleading, hockey, netball, fencing and tennis dependent on the time of the year.

Furthermore each year we run a number of school competitions, organised and run by the children in sports and activities such as table tennis, basketball, chess, skipping and fencing.

Added to this we have Cycle Training every year run by Cycle Confident, where the children are trained in how to ride their bicycles safely and receive certificates and badges for their efforts. Our staff are also getting in the spirit with many of them engaging in sport every week outside of school, in activities as diverse as football, rugby, running and fencing to name but a few.

We are also in the process of setting up a running club for the staff with a view to entering a 10k races in the future, as many of our staff already participate in the Park Run events every Saturday.

We are also active in improving the PE experience for our children by employing specialist coaches to run tennis lessons, entering into a partnership with West Ham United and Energise Education to provide PPA cover, Dance after school clubs and by entering the children for events at the Olympic Park including the Tata Triathlon and the Ineos Go Run For Fun event, where a whole phase group run a 2k race. In addition to this we have changed the way swimming lessons are delivered by switching to the Olympic Aquatic Centre and having an intense two week course rather than spreading the sessions out over an entire term with significantly improved results.

We are delighted to announce that we are taking part in the Marathon Kids scheme which is backed by Nike and Sir Mo Farah.

Marathon Kids

We were lucky enough to have photographers from Nike, Marathon Kids and Kids Run Free come to the school and help launch the Marathon Kids initiative. The children had a great day having their photos taken and learning how to organise the runs for other children. Every child in St Winefride's has the opportunity to take part every lunch time and will receive a medal once they have completed the marathon distance! They will have to run around the track in the playground 844 times to earn the medal, however after every 200 laps they will receive a special Marathon Kids Certificate... so get running!

If you would like to see how our sports funding is utilised please see the ‘PE and Sports Premium Report’.

Useful links

Here are some websites and links you may find useful in supporting physical activity and healthy eating at home and also clubs that your children may like to join as an out of school activity.
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