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Jesus said,
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Mathematics is taught to a very high standard here at St Winefride’s, as may be seen by the outstanding SATs results achieved by the children over many consecutive years.

We use a variety of different ways to engage the children and bring maths to life and have real meaning in their world.

For example the Numeracy corridor has displays made by the children showing how Mondrian used maths to influence his painting.

We also have interactive displays showing items such as World Time, to introduce children to the idea of both differing time zones and the scientific concept of the Earth spinning on its axis. Wherever possible the curriculum is designed to cross boundaries, as the above two examples clearly show but also to be specific and rigorously examine the children’s mathematical knowledge.

We do not accept that it is alright to have low expectations in mathematics simply because, to some, it is a difficult subject. Our aim is that every child will enjoy and grow in their depth of understanding of mathematics.

The introduction of Mymaths as a homework tool has provided the children with a valuable resource as it not only has pre-set questions but also gives the children the option of having a lesson at home through the wonders of the internet!

Mathematics is well resourced at St Winefride’s with every classroom having their own resources along with a substantial selection of additional resources, stored in the numeracy corridor. Many members of support staff also have their own selection of resources so that every child may have access to the curriculum at their own specific level through our intervention programmes.

Making use of technology is vitally important and use of computing equipment is actively encouraged in lessons and in addition any visitor to the school will undoubtedly see and hear our children reciting their times tables on the screens around the school, thereby teaching both themselves and their peers the different multiplication facts.

We also have a Maths Team, made up of children with a love of mathematics who take an active part in testing their peers ability at ‘times tables’ and monitoring to ensure any mathematics initiatives are being followed.

Mathematics Curriculum Overview

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