St. Winefride’s Catholic Primary School Church Road, Manor Park
London E12 6HB

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“We celebrate God's love for everyone.

We enjoy learning and growing together, in our caring and welcoming family.”

Jesus said,
"Let the children come to me."


At St. Winefride’s our aim is to ensure children are introduced to a range of technology which allows them to develop their technological skills. Children are taught using the “Switched On” scheme of work and learn key skills and understanding in areas such Programming, Algorithms, Databases, Presentation and Online Safety.

Online Safety is of the utmost importance and it is an integral part of our Computing curriculum. We also ensure it is covered in other areas of the curriculum. We hold an annual Online Safety week and work with the parents to increase their knowledge and awareness of the potential dangers online.

The children at St. Winefride’s have access to laptops and iPad’s during school hours

These are not only used for Computing lessons but we encourage cross curricular links. IT is used, across the curriculum, for research, assessment opportunities and enhancing the learning experience. Children complete access homework using the MyMaths and MyBookBlog sites.

Children’s work is displayed around the school using the TV screens in the Reception area and on the Life Channel Pod in the playground.

The Pod showcases class assemblies, photos of school trips and other important events which have taken place. It allows parents the chance to keep up to date on their child’s activities.

We recognise that children need the ability to experience different aspects of technology. The children have access to Green Screen Technology, using our filming suite.

Here the children can gain experience using a HD camera, lighting, tripods, microphones and sound booms. We offer school clubs which help the children develop a range of skills.

A weekly Maths in Motion club gets the children to use maths, problem solving and computer skills, through the competitive world of Formula One. A Digital Leaders club allows the children the ability to use digital cameras, video editing, word processing and presentation software.

At St. Winefride’s, child-led learning is an important part of the learning process. We have a team of children who help the subject leader in the organisation, resourcing and support of children and staff in the area of computing.

These Digital Leaders carry out tasks such as monitoring the use and charging of laptops, recording of school assemblies, setting up equipment and offering support to those who need it.

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